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This is the learning log for ‘Landscape’, the first unit in my second year of the ‘Photography’ degree with the OCA. I’m Tim van Zundert, a 26-year-old student from Sussex mainly focussing on night-time photography. This is due to my personality disorder, ‘BPD’ which affects my ability to go out when there are people around.

Part One: Beauty and the sublime

Ex.1: Preconceptions
Ex.2: Photography in the museum or in the gallery?
Ex.3: Establishing conventions
Ex.4: What is a photographer?
Ex.5: Visualising Assignment 6: Transitions
Ex.6: The contemporary abyss
Ex.8: Zone system in practice
Ex.9: Visual research and analysis – social contrasts
Assignment 1: Beauty and the subime
Assignment 1: Tutor Feedback and Response
Assignment 1: Final Version

Part Two: Landscape as Journey

Ex.1: Territorial photography
Ex.2: Explore a road
Ex.3: Typologies
Ex.4: Is appropriation appropriate?
Ex.5: Text in art
Ex.6: Edgelands
Assignment 2: A Journey
Assignment 2: Tutor Feedback and Response
Assignment 2: Final Version

Part Three: Landscape as Political Text

Ex.1: Reflecting on the picturesque
Ex.2: Postcard views
Ex.3: ‘Late photography’
Ex.4: A persuasive image
Ex.5: Local history
Ex.6: ‘The Memory of Photography’
Assignment 3: Spaces to Places
Assignment 3: Tutor Feedback and Response
Assignment 3: Final Version

Part Four: Landscape and identities

Ex.1: Critical Review Proposal
Ex.2: The British Landscape during World War II
Ex.3: A subjective voice
Ex.4: ‘Of Mother Nature and Marlboro Men’
Ex.5: Signifier – Signified
Ex.6: Proposal for the self-directed project
Assignment 4: A critical review
Assignment 4: Tutor Feedback and Response
Assignment 4: Final Version

Part Five: Resolutions

Ex.1: Origins of the White Cube
Ex.2: Print quotes
Ex.3: Print-on-demand mock-up
Ex.4: Online exhibitions
Ex.5: Create a slideshow
Ex.6: Context and meaning
Ex.7: Prepare your artist’s statement
Assignment 5: Self-directed project
Assignment 5: Singular Shots
Assignment 5: Tutor Feedback and Response
Assignment 5: Final Version

Part Six: Transitions

Assignment 6: Transitions
Assignment 6: Tutor Feedback and Response
Assignment 6: Final Version


The Shot
Marty Knapp – Portrait of a Photographer
Naoya Hatakeyama on what’s awe-some
The Invention of Photography
Italo Calvino – The Adventures of a Photographer


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