Assignment 6: Tutor Feedback and Response

Overall Comments

A submission that demonstrates how far you have come through this module. Apply what you have learned to this submission to move the results beyond the aesthetic and technical.

Feedback on assignment Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

It is instructive to hear your reflection at the completion of this assignment – you are able to reflect on the educational value of this assignment. Whilst you view this slightly negatively, it does point to your progression through Landscape. You are now dissatisfied with landscape photography as simply a shot of the land. You have an interest in the human impact upon land, and despite your feelings that this assignment reflects your earlier views, we are looking at a human landscape. The effects of our lights at night, behind hills on roads, the choice to illuminate some buildings over others all point to a concern with more than just the natural.

However your critique should make mention of Lancing College, surely the most prominent feature in the landscape and most pertinent feature in our understanding of these images. Why this pillar of the UK establishment? What does photographing it through the seasons say? Most critically, why have you omitted any interpretation of it?

Roshini Kempadoo, Paul Reas, John Kippin, Fay Godwin, Sammy Baloji, Mark Power, John Davies, Dan Holdsworth and Jo Spence all immediately spring to mind.

The back lit image reminds me of Bedwyr Williams recent work. Have a look at his short film on Artes Mundi.

Assignment 6 is ripe for some form of enquiry, perhaps this image could point towards some retrospective critical analysis of your archive.

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays Context

Some good reflective writing on the value of this assignment to you. Overall your writing has been eloquent and perceptive. It does still need more reference to your reading of academic works.

Suggested reading/viewing Context

See photographers above, analyse how what they have included and excluded matters

Pointers for the next assignment

Look at bringing the level of enquiry in Assignment 6 up to the level you achieved in your later submissions.


I was pleased with the feedback again, having felt that I hadn’t done well in the previous couple. I’ll aim to do some additional work based on this feedback.

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