Ex. 5.5: Create a slideshow

I can’t express just how little slideshows do for me. Not a photograph and neither a film, slideshows feel cheap and empty to me. There’s no time to look in-depth at an image, there’s no control for the viewer, but not in the same way a video makes a viewer passive. I just don’t think that slideshows do anything positive for photography,

I watched “From Heaven to Hell – Plean St Flats” but didn’t particularly think that the video could be described as a ‘slideshow’. There are moving timelapse elements and a discussion track rather than music. It doesn’t lend itself to the photo-by-photo structure of a slideshow.

Having no idea how to create a slideshow, I searched online for software to use. I came across the website, http://www.photosnack.com which I used to make my slideshow, using images from Assignment 3. This can be seen at:


I won’t be using a slideshow for the fifth assignment. The emphasis on singular shots having less importance than the whole set means that a slideshow wouldn’t be an appropriate medium.

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