Ex. 5.4: Online exhibitions

I read the article, ‘Online Exhibitions’ on the Weareoca website.

I’ve only ever been to exhibitions that take place in galleries and the concept of an ‘online exhibition’ has never crossed into my consciousness.

The problem with this method is that the quality of the image is entirely dependent on the quality of the screen. Many digital devices do not have high definition screens, and that lack of sharpness and detail will affect the exhibited image.

An issue that I have personally is that the ‘exhibition’ looks not dissimilar from an average modern photography website.

Perhaps I’m missing something meaningfully ‘arty’ within me, but I just can’t get excited about a slideshow of digital images, when I know I could gaze at will at tangible, real prints. Real prints that can be seen from up-close or afar, from any angle. Sarah is right- the exhibition is “well structured, intelligently considered” and “thematic” but would still, I think, look better as single images stretching around a gallery.

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