Ex. 5.3: Print-on-demand mock-up

Whilst I’m not planning to produce my fifth assignment in ‘photobook’ form, I was tasked with making a PDF mock-up of what such a product could look like.

I have previously used BLURB, a photobook-producing website through their Adobe Lightroom plugin. Whilst that was a few years ago, I will once again create a book in Lightroom to show off my work. I don’t yet have any of the shots that I’ll be taking for my assignment, so I have chosen to use the work I did on assignment 3.

I was planning to save this as a PDF file, but that would have cost me £2.99 so I have taken screenshots.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

It wasn’t hard to pick up from using the software previously and thankfully it is rather intuitive anyway. I chose to group all of the photographs on the first page; useful to the central idea of the set. Following, I felt that separating the text from the images would be important. On each odd page, a single photograph of the same size is centered on the page.

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