Ex. 5.2: Print quotes

1. I was asked to look into the details and costs of printing photographs.I have taken part in a number of my town’s open house art-trails and have needed to have prints made and then mounted and framed. Being so small-time and not having a job, I’ve never been able to outlay much money on the best quality prints. As such, it’s been interesting to research the best options for printing.

                                               Giclee Inkjet                  C-Type

Metro Imaging                             £33                                  £28

Spectrum Photo                          £6.95                               £8.83

Genisis Imaging                           £45                                  £30

The Print Space                           £12.31                             £15.42

2. I was asked to prepare an image file as if I were going to place an order. I chose to go with ‘The Print Space’. They include a description ofrertretI save all of my print-files at 300 DPI, which is perfect for this printer.

3. It’s been interesting to think in detail about the various different options for printing photographs. There are so many papers and variations of those papers, it’s hard to work out what the ‘best’ quality would be. I believe that, if the viewer cannot ascertain any issues in the printing process then there needn’t be a problem in the method. Whether that be inkjet or C-type, the importance is how it appears to the viewer. As such, I think that any medium can constitute a photograph- just look at modern acrylic and aluminium prints.

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