Ex. 3.4: A persuasive image

A persuasive image

1. I found a couple of examples of landscape photographs that “are being used to assert a particular ideological point of view.” I wanted to choose different media and purposes to think about the elements that go into these persuasions.

bestmessage_belgard (1)
Belgard Commercial

Whilst not about landscape, the crux of the image is set within an urban space- likely chosen for its modern, clean and looked-after visage. The plug-hole is very effective as it’s a single image that -within the landscape- totally encapsulates the product.
Pollution painting – Tomas Sanchez

Whereas the advert was a little subtle, this artwork is far more purposeful and on-the-nose. The message is explicit- the vast landscape of detritus and the only a trail of power lines leading across the skyline.
2. I feel strongly about the use of wind turbines and farms in order to produce clean energy. I was asked to design a shot that would “have a persuasive effect upon a viewer”.

If I were to be persuasive or even set out to ‘lie’, I would need strong imagery. The strength of the positive image of the turbine(s) would be important. A simple visual way of doing this would be to contrast with something immediately negative. I instantly considered black smoke or smog- the typical visual element when showing pollution and carbon. From this, I considered the idea of a wind turbine blowing away the dirty smoke from a landscape.

I don’t have any knowledge or skill when it comes to photo-manipulation or photoshop, so I sketched how this shot could look.




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