Ex. 3.2: Postcard views

1. I was asked to “gather a selection of postcards”, which was easy as my family have received hundreds over the years.


Whilst I don’t have previous experience with all of the destinations, so I thought that I would focus on one place in particular: New York.


Looking at them closely, I can’t help but think these postcards exists purely to ‘sell’ the idea of New York. Rather to memorialise a certain place or event, they seem designed to document landmarks and views and draw more visitors. They certainly aren’t ‘arty’ (or even photographically any good, in my opinion – bad composition and lazy), nor do they hold any emotional, ‘sublime’ quality.



2. It is Graham Clark’s opinion that the photographer of a landscape is always an outsider. This may well be true on many occasions. However, I believe that knowledge and experience of, and personal history with a landscape or place can lead to an intimate ‘inside’ knowledge.

Photographers will always approach a subject from their own perspective, but I don’t believe one can say that will always be that of an ‘outsider’, of someone who isn’t able to capture the reality of the place.

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