Ex. 2.5: Text in art

I went on a 20-odd minute walk around the local neighbourhood and made some observations on details that I saw.

  1. Trees were blowing in the wind
  2. As I left the house, a layer of heat hit me
  3. A fox cub was sleeping on my driveway until I moved closer when it ran off
  4. A cyclist cycled by as I began walking down the road
  5. Weeds were growing through the cracks in the tarmac on the road
  6. A cat wandered out in front of me and crossed the road
  7. The sun glinted off the solar panels on a nearby roof
  8. I overhead workmen working on a building site on the adjacent road
  9. A car stopped to let me cross, and the driver gave me a smile
  10. On the pavement by a driveway, open bin bags spilled out their innards
  11. A net curtain blew in the breeze
  12. A woman with heavy bags passed me
  13. A car parked at an unhelpful angle looked abandoned

Text in Art

Having made these observations, I was asked to consider word art. I came up with this idea:


The thought behind the image was to ‘track’ my route using text to mark out the road and path I took. Beginning at my house, continuing down the drive and around the neighbourhood.

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