Ex. 9: Visual research and analysis – social contrasts

The task this time was to find social contrasts within the same place, whether that be a city, street, event or so on.

Having recently visited Hong Kong, I had an awarness of the huge gap in wealth between the booming financial center and the homeless, often disfigured people living on the street. Doing a little research, I stumbled upon the winner of the ‘WYNG Photography Project’, a competition back in 2012.

The runner-up of this particular contest was a photographer by the name of Micros Yip with his shot, “Dream Car”. Of his photograph, Yip states, “The choice of harsh lighting of the guy sleeping outside the car showroom emphasizes the glaring contrast between the reality of being poor and flippant symbols of material wealth.”

Dream Car, Micros Yip

Whilst this is rather on-the-nose for this exercise, it’s very true of the social situation in Hong Kong; so much wealth standing side-by-side with poverty of the most extreme.

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