Ex. 8: Zone system in practice

There is a disconnect between the dynamic range of the human eye and the sensors of even the most powerful modern cameras. Whilst photographers can try to capture a ‘middling’ exposure, many will produce HDR (high dynamic range) photographs that use multiple exposures combined into one. This combination then gives a better all-round exposure for every area of a shot- instead of just one.

I’ve taken some examples of single exposures and then combined them to make a much more effective HDR. At the same time though, I feel that I have to mention that between modern RAW files and imaging software (in my case, Adobe Lightroom) are good enough to often ‘fix’ exposure problems after the fact.

DSC05463 DSC05464 DSC05464-HDR

DSC05466DSC05465 DSC05465-HDR

In the single exposures, it’s only possible to get the correct exposure for either the interior or the exterior. The combination of both of these captures then creates a perfect composite.

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