Ex.5: Visualising Assignment Six: Transitions

This exercise is the starting-point of the very last assignment in this Landscape unit. Looking ahead to that brief, I have chosen a location in the nearby  (15 minutes drive away) town of Shoreham. Within some distance it is the highest point easily reached. The place is known as ‘Mill Hill’. I’ve chosen to photograph the landscape view from there s I have been previously and find the vista quite appealing.

The view I shot previously (in late-spring 2014) is nigh-on what I’d like to capture for this assignment:


The assignment requires that the exact same spot is used to capture the same competition. There is a wire fence with wooden posts in front of the small car park. I intend to find a particular post to stand by with my tripod. I will make sure to extend the tripod fully so that no height differences will occur.

Having unlimited time to devote to this unit, I plan on completing this particular assignment over the course of approximately 3 months. To accentuate the ‘transition’ I need to be capturing and to make up for the loss of phyiscal-seasonal-changes I will be taking each shot at a different time of day, hopefully with different weather conditions.

I have made a draft plan of which dates and times to take each shot, trying to cover the main periods of light.


Whilst not finding a particular interest in landscapes, I do enjoy using wide-angle lenses to capture as much breadth as possible in a scene. The lens I have in mind to use for this assignment is my 21mm prime. The fixed focal length also lessens the chance of one shot being different from another.

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