Ex.1 Preconceptions

I was asked to set aside all thoughts about technique and sketch what I considered a typical ‘landscape’ scene.


Ironically, the landscape I have sketched is indeed, ‘landscape’- presumably why the longer and shorter aspect is named as such. This is likely a convention that has been hammered into me subliminally over the course of my entire life through art. I suppose that the ‘depth’ of the landscape is less important than the expanse.

The terrain I have drawn is simple; hilly, rural and pastoral in nature. There is little man-made interruption, which I imagine comes from the typical fine art landscapes painted centuries ago. From older art like that up to and including much of the modern-day landscape photography, rarely are there human beings in the scene. Simple shapes with little substance is what appears in my minds eye.

As such, the subjects are uniform and formulaic, set out in layers. These shapes give a timeless and peaceful quality; the same landscape in any given time in history; past or present.

There are a number of sources where my inspiration may come from; the aforementioned history of landscape art for one. For the majority of my life I have lived within view of the rolling hills of the South Downs- very similar in nature to my sketch.

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